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All Canadian Cardiology Technologist programs offered are designed to fulfill the need for trained technologists in a variety of diagnostic cardiology procedures. Programs are required to be approved by CSCT and graduates are considered eligible to write the CSCT National Certification Examination in either of the following situations:

  1. CSCT Approved/Accredited


Note: Please see the SCHOOLS option in the right sidebar for accrediated schools and programs


Effective Feb 2010: until such time that Phase 1 of the Accreditation process is successfully completed, the first cohort only of any new program is considered eligible to write the CSCT National Certification Examination.


Foreign trained health professionals MAY be eligible to access the CSCT Certification Examination.


DISCLAIMER: All programs have their success rates in the CSCT certification exam assessed for compliance with Criteria 1.6 of the Accreditation requirements. Failure to meet stated success rates may result in the suspension of eligibility of graduates to access the National Certification Examination The CSCT is not responsible for any expenses incurred by students or the individual programs for denial of this service.